• Space: For each Hive, you will need a space that is about 6'x10', with low daily pedestrian traffic. The hives themselves will take up about 2'x4' each (plus a little space for me to work), and it is best to give the bees an 8-10 foot "runway" in front of the hive to reach cruising altitude above people's heads.

  • Sunshine: The bees need at least a half day of sun. In the Spokane area, honey bees like a bit of shade to keep from getting too hot.

  • Water: Bees need water, if you can provide a bee waterer they will certainly appreciate it! If you can provide them with water, it might help keep them out of your neighbors pool. I can help you with this!

  • Forage: To stay healthy and thrive, honeybees need excellent sources of pollen and nectar, that are free of pesticides. We are very fortunate to have native land that provides an abundance of pollen and nectar so close to our lush urban landscaping. I have a long background in landscape design, if you would like to plant a pollinator garden to more closely observe your new bees, I can help with that! You might also visit honeybees favorite plants to learn more.

  • Accessible: The location must be easy for me to access without having to pass through any buildings, and in all seasons.

  • No Bee Allergies: Honey bees don’t like to sting, and severe honey bee allergies are actually relatively rare. Still, if you or your family are allergic to honey bees, you’re probably not a good candidate for being a hive host unless you have a very large property where the bees can be placed in a completely unused area.