To Host-A-Hive

You Pay: $1,000 / Year - Per Property  If you wish to host multiple hives, you still just pay $1,000 (You may consider group hosting, to spread the cost across a number of households). 

I do wish I could run this program for free, honestly, it would really expose a lot more people to these amazing little creatures, and I believe it would really make a big difference in our community. However, there are a lot of extra costs associated with my host-a hive program that are not required with a standard beekeeping operation. For example; a beekeeper could likely visit 50 hives, in a single apiary, in 1 to 1.5 days, it takes me 7-8 days to visit 50 host hives. I simply can't cover that, and other extras required for the program, with just honey and wax sales, let alone make any sort of living. 

You Get: 2 lbs of Honey ($32 value) + Beekeeping Mentorship + Free Pollinator Garden Consultation + 10% off  my other products (I will eventually make candles, lip balm, etc. using the wax and honey from our bees) + All the excellent benefits I mentioned in Making an Impact Page!

*If you can't afford to be in the program, but really want to host bees, please message me! I would love to work with you to see what we can come up for a win/win solution!