IN 2022!

Hosting a Hive will let you experience what it’s like to keep bees, without all the work and expense. All you need to do is provide a bee friendly location, free of pesticides, and I’ll provide the bees, and everything else they need. The bees and equipment remain mine, but in return, you’ll reap the benefits of pollination, without the required training and hassle of opening a hive full of bees. I keep an open door for you to join in for a “hands-on” beekeeping experience, any time you'd like!

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Thank you all for the support!!

All 25 of my host hives have homes for the 2021 Season! But don't fret, you can apply now, to be put on my overflow list, as I will be catching swarms and doing splits on some of my hives in May & June!

Apply by January 5th, to be guaranteed a spot on my Host-a-Hive list in 2022!

Hosting a hive, might just be the best gift you can give your favorite gardener or nature lover!




We'll schedule a quick meeting at your place to determine if your yard will be suitable to host a hive (most are). If we know that you have a good spot we can skip this until I drop your hive off.

At the meeting, we'll chat about hive location and I'll answer any other questions you may have.

For a bit more information, see below for hosting requirements and hive placement considerations.



Enjoy your bees while I do all the work! I will provide everything the bees need and take care of the hive installation. I welcome your neighbors and friends to join in welcoming your new bees to the neighborhood!

I will come and visit about once a month to check on the health of the hive. I will give you advance notice and bring an extra suit in case you want to join in!



Once the colony produces more honey than the bees need, I’ll extract the extra honey and share a quart of raw, treatment free honey with you. If your hive does not make any extra honey (which sometimes happens, especially with a new hive) you will receive one quart of honey from another hive in the program.

If you love local honey, you can’t get honey any closer than your own backyard!

If you're an aspiring beekeeper, but don't want to invest in it until you have some experience, this is a great way to get started!


You Pay: $450/yr Per Property If you wish to host multiple hives, you will just pay $450 for the first 4 hives, after that, each hive is an additional $180. (You may consider group hosting, to spread the cost across a number of households)

You Get: 1 Quart of Honey + Free Pollinator Garden Consultation + 10% off my other products (I will eventually make candles, lip balm, etc. using the wax and honey from our bees) + All the excellent benefits I mentioned in Making an Impact Page!

*If you can't afford to be in the program, but really want to host bees, please message me! I would love to work with you to see what we can come up for a win/win solution!

Save $50 if you live in the neighborhood!

If you live in the orange area, you will save $50! I would like to bike to inspections as often as possible, neighborhood hosts will save me gas and drive time, so I want to pass those savings along to you!