Honey Extraction services

Let me do the dirty work for you, especially cleanup!

Honey Extraction Service is available from July 1st to October 31st.

I Buy Bulk Honey!

If you're a backyard beekeeper, and have too much untreated honey to sell, I'd love to buy it from you!

Pay with Honey or Money!

To pay for extracting services, you can pay with honey or cash (check or card).

Honey (this option is available for 16 frames or more)

  • Leave me 1/3 of the honey by weight

  • Minimum of 16 frames, please


  • $4.00 per frame (mediums or shallows)

  • $4.50 per frame (deeps)

  • Take your honey home in buckets or I can fill jars for you

  • Minimum charge $64.00.

Other Extracting Needs

  • 5 gallon food-safe buckets with lids - $13.00 each

  • Honey Gate - $15 each / installed

  • Jars

    • 2lb Classic Glass Honey Jar with Lid - $4.50 each

    • 1lb Classic Glass Honey Jar with Lid - $2.00 each

    • 8oz Classic Glass Honey Jar with Lid - $1.75 each

    • 9.5oz Hex Glass Honey Jar with Lid - $2.75 each

  • Bottling filling service using my jars or yours, with your honey - $2.00 each / filled

  • Cutting comb from unwired thin foundation supers into 4" square boxes - $2 per box.

My equipment is cleaned and re-set daily for each new extraction service.

This service is available for hobby and sideliner beekeepers only. It is not intended to support commercial beekeepers.

How to prep your frames for extraction:

1. Please make sure honey is CAPPED on both sides of frame. I can extract uncapped frames, but it may ferment your honey. All customers must sign a waiver acknowledging the possibility of fermentation.

2. Please remove ALL of the bees from your frames. There is a $10 charge to remove excess live bees in tubs.

3. FRAMES: I can not extract frames with brood, mold, wax moth, live bees or crystalized honey. There is a $10 charge to remove residual live honeybees from tubs AND/OR cut out brood cells from frames. Please check all of your frames carefully. To check for crystalized honey puncture a capped honey cell and rub between your fingers or taste it. If you feel table sugar granules, they honey has crystallized and it will not come out of the frame. Crystalized frames are a great resource to give to your bees. If you do bring in crystallized honey, I will need to charge an extra $1/frame regardless of size. There is no honey-share option for crystallized frames. The extra cost covers the additional time it will take to clean the extractor.

4. I can not extract frames that have wire and wax foundation as they tend to blow out in the extractor. I only extract frames with plastic foundation or solid plastic frames. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. Please label ALL of your totes and buckets and lids with your last name.

6. Super and Deep frames should be brought in a large plastic tote with a lid that fits, or in hive boxes that are sealed with lids and bottoms, if you wrap your boxes in plastic bags, the bags must be tied. All tubs must have a fitting lid so that the honey frames are contained. I WILL HAVE TO REFUSE YOUR EXTRACTION IF YOU BRING YOUR FRAMES IN OPEN TUBS OR WITHOUT LIDS THAT FIT AND SEAL ON THE TUB. This is for health and cleanliness reasons. NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. I extract into ROUND food-grade 5-gallon buckets ONLY. You may provide your own 5-gallon food grade bottling bucket or you may purchase one from me. Buckets must be no taller than 14.5”. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8. I do a rough strain through two-tiered small and medium gauge strainers to remove wax pieces. Let me know if you don't want it strained. There may be some tiny residual particles after extraction. I can not guarantee clarity, color, or taste. I DO NOT STRAIN THROUGH CHEESECLOTH. NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. Once your honey leaves the store, I am no longer responsible for it, so please transport it carefully.

10. Extraction services are pre-paid at the time of drop off. Additional fees may be due upon pickup for cleaning, bee/brood removal, or extra equipment if required during your extraction. Please inspect your frames carefully before you drop them off.

11. You will be responsible to pay all fees incurred for your extraction before I can release your extraction to you. You may be charged for cleaning fees, live bee/brood removal fees, or extra equipment if it was required. These will be noted on your ticket. Please inspect your frames carefully, clean your equipment, and inspect buckets/honey gates for leaks before drop off.

I do NOT heat your honey...so I like to give it overnight to drain down the sides of the tank so you get more of your honey. Depending on the viscosity of the honey, the time to complete an extraction can vary. I do not guarantee a finish time.

Typically, I will provide a refractometer reading of your extraction as a courtesy. Optimal is between 15% and 18%. Above 18% could ferment.

If your extraction requires extra food grade or bottling buckets than what you brought, or they needed to be replaced because they were leaking, I will need to provide a new one for you that you will pay for when you pick up your extraction.

Thanks for choosing Honeyside Bee Co-Op!